Digital Signature Certificate

Necessity and Benefits of Digital signature certifcate

The Necessity of Digital Signature Certificates

  • For e-filing of the income tax returns by any individual, the Government of India has made it mandatory to affix digital signatures to the income tax returns documents. For affixing the digital signature one must have digital signature certificates issued by licensed certification authority.
  • In addition, Ministry of Corporate Affairs has set the mandatory guidelines for the companies directing them to file all reports, applications and forms using a digital signature only and this again requires a digital signature certificate.
  • For GST also a company must verify its GST application by affixing a digital signature using digital signature certificate in order to get registered for GST.
  • These days many Government procedures, filling different applications, amendments and forms require digital signatures made by using digital signature certificates.

Benefits of Digital Signature Certificates

  • Saves Money & Time: As there is no need of physical presence you can digitally sign your PDF files and other documents using DSC anywhere & anytime. You need not sign your paper documents and then scan them to send them across through internet if you follow the above given option. You can save the money which would otherwise be spent on printing and scanning the document. You can also go green by saving paper.
  • Secured Data: The digitally signed documents are tamper proof as the digital signatures are secured with a private key and public key and they cannot be edited after digitally signing the document.
  • Authentic: Digitally signed documents are authentic and the receiver can be completely sure about the sender’s identity and integrity. The receiver can easily execute the information in the document without worrying about the document being forged.